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Key Benefits For Users

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Scientific Quantified Self

Provides a scientifically robust assessment of your current fitness level - offering an objectively quantified self. Find out more...

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Measure Fitness Not Activity

Many devices track effort or activity levels. FitQuest differs by identifying which activities deliver tangible fitness improvement. Spend time/effort productively!

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Peer Based Comparison

Our unique FQ score allows comparison against people of your gender/age demographic. Similar to an IQ test but for fitness. Find out more...

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Identify Areas of Weakness

Focus on your weakest areas with personalised training tips, offering maximum opportunity for benefit.

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Track Improvement Trends

View trends of personal improvement over time and personal best achievements.

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Quick - 4 Minute Test

Quick test measures numerous aspects of fitness, providing meaningful easy to understand results. Find out what we measure...

Personal Trainer Benefits

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Demonstrates PT Value

Help clients quantify the value of a PT by demonstrating measurable improvements in their results. Proof your programme is working!

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Track Clients' Progress and Trends

View results of your clients at a glance.

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Provide Analytical Insights for Intervention

Identify clients whose results are stagnating or commitment is waning.

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Robust Sports Science Background

Measurement is based on sound scientific principles backed by comprehensive research - the same technology used in professional gait labs.

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Personalise Training Content

Tailor your client's exercises and programmes based upon their capabilities and results. Revise as their improvement progresses.

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Identify Commercial Opportunities

Help end users set goals and develop secondary revenues through programme content and PT sessions.

Operator Benefits

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Individual focused

Embraces the trend and interest in quantified self, whilst putting the individual back right into the heart of your organisation.

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Improves Engagement

Engage end users to see results, look for ways to improve and want to visit the club.
One Visit more, One Month more!

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Integration APIs

Connects to your existing membership systems and web portals with embeddable widgets and programmable interfaces.

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Analytic Insights

Learn anonymised results about your members, their trends and their areas of weakness.

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Secure servers backed by a company with over 30 years of expertise in the medical field and a dedicated UK based support team.

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Reliable Cloud Servers

Modern cloud based architecture for scalability and reliability. Optional online monitoring of site terminals and remote support.

MIE Medical Research

Specialists in the field of Human Performance Measurement

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Thirty years spent measuring elite athletes and human beings in extreme environments has resulted in a unique understanding of human physical performance and the measurement thereof.

The company was founded in 1983 by Dr. Malcolm Ellis after receiving the first prize award of the 21st competition for innovation run by the “New Scientist” magazine.

The company develops advanced measurement equipment covering Human Telemetry, EMG, Myometry, Gait, Goniometry, ECG and Heart Rate Variability. MIE has supplied many of the world's leading researchers in the world's best universities, research centres and hospitals.

As a result, the company have won no fewer than five SMART awards for innovation in 1986, 1987, 1990, 2010 and 2013.

MIE Medical - A strong History of Innovation

MIE’s Clients & Projects

In addition to researchers and universities, the company has an extensive list of blue chip clients including adidas, BAR, NASA, the British Royal Navy, the British Royal Air Force, the NHS and Bodystat Ltd. The company has developed products and worked on supporting projects in a variety of demanding areas. These include:

  • • Real-time monitoring of divers
  • • Monitoring muscle activity on Formula 1
    drivers whilst testing cars at full speed
  • • Measuring BSE in cows
  • • Developing a complete bio-impedance
    system including software
  • • Developing fitness measurement
    for in-store experiences
  • • Developing a high speed miniature data logger for measuring vibration in military aircraft wings

Not only has the company developed a unique knowledge of measuring human performance, but MIE's work with elite athletes has led to products for restoring performance when individuals suffer soft tissue injuries. MIE's unique electrotherapy products are used by both sports clubs and by leading vets treating competition horses.
Since its formation, the company has continued to bring exciting new innovations to the field including a large number of world firsts.
This record of innovation has resulted in a number of unique patents for:

  • • Clinical Goniometer
  • • Digital Pinch/Grip Analyser
  • • Novel Bone Staple
  • • Plane Right
  • • A multi slave Bluetooth system for
    parallel data collection

Dr. Ellis, a specialist in human movement and biomechanics, leads new product development and measurement projects at MIE. He also lectures internationally on the subject of Biomechanics and has lectured to institutions as diverse as Beijing Sport University, the Egyptian Police Sports Union, Qatar National Olympic Committee, Singapore University and Tehran University.

MIE are today bringing the sum of this 30 years experience to a larger audience through the commercialization of a number of innovative and unique products designed to solve specific problems for the general public.

MIE has EN ISO 13485:2003 certification for both design and manufacture of medical devices and is an FDA registered device manufacturer.