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A state of the art concept in
fitness measurement

FitQuest brings full bio-mechanical lab technology to the gym or corporate wellness centre.

It can be used by gym goers to assess their own fitness progress, personal trainers to monitor client achievement and operators to improve member engagement.

FitQuest |  Fitness Assessment

As soon as an individual steps on to the platform, FitQuest prompts for some basic information. It then guides the individual through the 4 simple exercises and a heart rate recovery measurement. The overall assessment takes only 4 minutes. Once the tasks have been completed, the results are displayed on the screen immediately and are also accessible online.
FitQuest not only measures individual parameters, but provides an overall fitness assessment known as the Fitness Quotient, or simply FQ. To help your members understand the results, we have converted the data into a unified fitness score, similar to the IQ test for intelligence.

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Balance on one leg for 15 seconds, then the other.

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Press Ups

Complete as many press ups as you can in 15 seconds.

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Jump as high as you can from a standing position.

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Run on the spot as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

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Measure your heart rate recovery over 60 seconds.

jump Task on FitQuest
BIA task on FitQuest

FitQuest |  Body Composition Analysis

FitQuest’s newest machine includes the introduction of body composition analysis using bioelectrical impendence analysis (BIA). FitQuest BIA can determine body fat and muscle percentage as well as a user’s hydration levels through small, varying electrical currents.

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NEW |  FitQuest BIA

Accurately measure your body composition & hydration levels in seconds.

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